Creativity From Overflow

I believe creativity is a natural response of overflow. It doesn’t come from standing out or mastering a skill. In the arts it may require a certain skill level, but even with other forms of creativity like building communities and ideating business strategies, when it comes from a place of overflow, it inspires, moves and motivates. When it comes from self-gratification, it may impress for a moment but it’s emptying and not long-lasting.

I constantly need to be making things with my hands, producing things, taking classes, sharing ideas and sparking conversations to feel at my best. Though all good things, when I start making it about my self-expression and productivity, the gratification only lasts for a moment. The hours you put into creating and refining something so carefully don’t weigh out. I actually become less creative when I’m focused on satisfying a feeling rather than resting in who I am as a Child. The passion burns out much more quickly and I start to look for a “return", whether it’s a reward, gain, or measure of success with what I produced.


When I’m secure in my stillness, creating is an overflow of that place.

Lately, the secret fuel to my creative goals has been rest; rest that’s not necessarily inactive but making time for things that really feed my soul and spirit (alone time, journaling, reading, spending time outdoors, etc.). Even this blog post was inspired from a place of rest and reflecting back on my weekend. When I’m secure in my stillness, creating is an overflow of that place. It’s rooted in sharing and not showing.

For people who struggle to find meaning in their artwork or are scared to explore new endeavors, I want to suggest that perhaps it’s not your talent or lack thereof that’s your biggest roadblock. I believe anyone can be an artist when they are secure in their identity and are at peace with who they are. There’s no such thing as a bad artist or a good artist but I believe there is such a thing as a confident artist and an insecure artist. When you’re confident, you don’t have to go searching for beauty or approval because you’ll start to notice that beauty is all around you. The creativity comes in how you capture those things and find the courage to share it.