My First Wedding

Here are some photos I shot for Gabe & Melanie's wedding over the summer. The event including pre-ceremony was 9 hours total and I was able to capture every special moment from the first look, to the bridal party, to the wedding ceremony and the kiss! Wedding photography is an entire new ballpark from the headshots and photoshoots I used to do for clients and this was a great first experience. 

There were some scenarios I hadn't expected, for instance acting not only as a photographer but a coordinator in which I had to direct an entire wedding party for certain shots. I realized that good management skills were just as important as having a good eye and handle with the camera. I had to constantly be in communication with my assistant (thanks Andy!), stay on schedule with the order of events, prepare for each big 'must-take' shot and also stay alert for any spontaneous moments. 

The day could have turned out a lot more stressful but thankfully, I had a great assistant who was able to capture the important shots I couldn't take and an amazingly patient groom who kept me well-informed of the day's agenda and walked me through the kind of photos the couple wanted. Overall I had a lot of fun and am hoping for more opportunities like this in the future!