I'm cheating on my allegiances to Spotify for a bit to listen to Chance's new mixtape 'Coloring Book'. I just gave the whole album a run-through and I love the gospel vibes, choir hooks and stacked list of feature artists. A feel-good typa album with a spiritual element and I'm officially a fan. :)

I'd also like to take this opportunity to gush over Apple Music's new design elements. It's been years since I used iTunes and I remember being excessively organized with my playlists, artists, etc. back in grade school. I've long since moved onto streaming songs on Spotify but might as well take advantage of my 3-month trial to explore all the changes up in here. I'm really liking the MiniPlayer I can throw to the side of my workspace, the transparent backdrop for the thumbnail dropdown, and how clean these album covers look together on my music page (peep my repeat aritists of the month). Augh you've put me in a real dilemma here Apple. 

Some of my favorite tracks: D.R.A.M. Sings Special, Blessings, Smoke Break, Finish Line, How Great, Grown Ass Kids (not in album)