treading new waters

I... DID... IT. I have finally made the leap into the daunting land of Adobe Illustrator. I know, completely bizarre for someone trying to make a career out of design and I don't even know my basics. It's the one design program I have yet to explore and thanks to some downtime at work, my coworker finally got to sit down with me today and show me how to use the pen tool (the damn pen tool)....... and these are the re-creations I made out of icons I found online (green is mine)! A complete and utter shitty job in my opinion but I am very very proud of this moment. Just half an hour ago, I didn't know how to make a curved line and now I can make basic lines and shapes! *pats self on back*.

I'd say my illustration skills are up to par with the average fifth grader, maybe worse, but better to start late than never right? I have a long way to go to master the program but it feels amazing to grasp the potential of what I can do with a new skill. Adding this image in for the books so I can hopefully one day laugh at myself and see how far I've come from now.