I'm cheating on my allegiances to Spotify for a bit to listen to Chance's new mixtape 'Coloring Book'. I just gave the whole album a run-through and I love the gospel vibes, choir hooks and stacked list of feature artists. A feel-good typa album with a spiritual element and I'm officially a fan. :)

I'd also like to take this opportunity to gush over Apple Music's new design elements. It's been years since I used iTunes and I remember being excessively organized with my playlists, artists, etc. back in grade school. I've long since moved onto streaming songs on Spotify but might as well take advantage of my 3-month trial to explore all the changes up in here. I'm really liking the MiniPlayer I can throw to the side of my workspace, the transparent backdrop for the thumbnail dropdown, and how clean these album covers look together on my music page (peep my repeat aritists of the month). Augh you've put me in a real dilemma here Apple. 

Some of my favorite tracks: D.R.A.M. Sings Special, Blessings, Smoke Break, Finish Line, How Great, Grown Ass Kids (not in album)

Playlist #1: Digging lately...

1) Ultralight Beam - Kanye
2) One Man Can Change the World - Big Sean
3) Eternal Sunshine - Jhene Aiko
4) All My Friends - Snakehips
5) Charlie Brown - Scienze
6) Sunday Candy - Chance the Rapper
7) Waves - Kanye
8) Middle - DJ Snake

Mr. Fox & Her

I was finally able to put our screen in the living room to use tonight and through the recommendation of my brother watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and HerI've always been a fan of Wes Anderson's distinctive style and visual technique when it comes to cinematography and I found Mr. Fox equally as refreshing as the most recent film of his I watched, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I wasn't so crazy about Her but the soundtrack was beautiful. This scene in particular is awfully similar to the way I describe what music is to me, how a song is a photograph that captures moments in life together.

Coldplay SEASON

I purchased Coldplay tickets today!!!! The concert is 6 months away but I'm stoked. They were in my list of top three concerts to attend and I'm finally going to be able to cross them off my bucketlist. They finally released their A Head Full of Dreams Tour and a group of my friends and I were able to snatch tickets that were pricey AF but hopefully so worth it. 

Coldplay always seems to be my go-to for rainy day music, not that their songs are always melancholy but they evoke an... upbeat nostalgia? Anyways, I wanted to capture the emotions through my own little video clip and snippet of their song 'O' from Ghost Stories. I have other favorite albums not to mention the classics, but this song has been on repeat for me lately.

Clean Up - Towkio ft. chance the rapper

Color, film and some clean dancing.  What I like to see in a perfect MV. #chano