Collection of inspirations from Frieze Art Fair, Whitney Museum, Rutgers BFA Thesis Exhibition and various galleries & museums in Chelsea, NY. (4/27 - 5/6)

Names of artists from Pace Gallery exhibitions:
- Richard Tuttle
- David Hockney
- James Turrell
- Yorgo Alexopoulos
- Heather Hutchison

Arts and shits aside, this salted pretzel caramel ice cream from Morgenstein's Finest Ice Cream stand was the most bombass thing I've had all week. 


I'll be logging more about my recent work here and the opportunities I've had in the past couple months. Still not too sure where I want to go with this blog but with all the clutter of social media and apps, I want to use this as a portal for my own self-expression and journey through art. I find blogs a lot less confining and much more unfiltered, immune to false illusions created by views and followers. (But I'll always hold an affection for you Insta<3).

Pictured above is a compilation of photos I took during my past few travel days with the team. Visiting all these galleries and exhibitions with an agenda helped instill a newfound excitement for museums that I never had before. I found myself noticing and appreciating details and the varying textures, silhouettes, lines, colors, and shapes of each installment and engaging the expression of the artists themselves. I feel like I finally got a glimpse of the hidden gems and culture hidden within these streets and it makes me feel lucky to work in a city that is still quite foreign and overwhelming to me. I'm looking forward to exploring my own aesthetic style and learning where I fit in (or stand out) in this big big big world of design.

Here's a breakdown of places I visited-

Opening Ceremony
Stadium Goods
Flight Club
Nike LAB

Museum of Natural History
New Museum
Cooper Hewitt (favorite)
Harvard Art Museums
Boston MFA (another favorite)
Boston College

Trusting in the Process

'Here’s the Strategy Elite Athletes Follow to Perform at the Highest Level' 
Article shared by Sue Park.

I thought this was a great read on how to approach goals and how being process-minded can help with all your endeavors in the long run. This is relevant at least for me with goal-planning and being over-critical when I'm not able to follow through with certain steps undistracted. It's overwhelming when we screw up a tiny detail on the way to a larger goal but when we allow ourselves room for smaller failures, it's easier to get back up and keep pushing forward. It's like dieting. As my friend Kelly puts it, it's not a one-time thing, it's a lifestyle change!